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Thursday, August 26, 2010


There's something I've been doing. It's not done. I make it a practice to read through the Bible in the original languages over and over. When I'm done, I start all over. I read some in the NT and then some in the OT.

The last time through, I started taking notes and saving them on memory sticks simply for my own use. They're arranged in alphabetical order based on topic. It's basically an updated Nave's Topical Bible, but Mr Nave isn't involved and the topics chosen are arranged differently.

Then one day, I thought, "This is a lot of work and it really slows my reading down, so why not let others have the fruits? If this is a great help to me, it should help others, too." So I decided to publish it.

Currently I'm only about one third done. I'm in I Samuel and Luke. I have thought it may be helpful for your Bible study if I went ahead and published it as is, adding as I progress. That way you can begin to use what's there.

Once category is the Passage Index, an index of the Index that lists verses and passages according to their appearances in the topic categories. So you can look up topics and find the passages under the topic category, or you can look up passages and find the categories under which I've listed them.

I've tried to make the topics reflect the biblical issues current today. For instance, some today tell us "brothers" in the Bible actually means "brothers and sisters" and "sons" means "sons and daughters". Now you can look up that specfic topic category, read biblical passages that use those terms, read the context for yourself, and decide for yourself. To get there look up the topic category GENDER and the subcategory “Sons of Israel” and “people of Israel” and “brother” used generically or specifically, find your passages and simply read for yourself.

In addition, the passages will be listed in both English and the appropriate biblical language. Many passages have notes with specific details concerning important aspects of the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew.

At least some of the topic categories will have short explanations of why those categories are included, what current doctrinal controversies they are intended to address, or exactly what the name of the topic category means.

And I hope you do. Please feel free to add to the index by contacting me at philperkins99@yahoo.com. Please  mention to me passages you think fit into a specific topic category. Suggest categories, too. I will do the editing, deciding what will and won't be included and I will email you back with my decision on your passage with the reasons. And PLEASE call attention to any mistakes. Especially, tell me about passages listed under a category, but not listed in the Passage Index.

It will appear on my sidebar and under "INTERNET BIBLE INDEX".  God willing I will start publishing topic categories this weekend.

God bless,
Phil Perkins.

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Roderick_E said...

This sounds real interesting and helpful. Can't wait to see it.