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Sunday, March 20, 2011

IS THERE NO GOD IN ISRAEL? (Or how to insult a head of state with one question.)

Interesting things happen when one is faithful in everyday stuff. For instance, this morning my wife and I were having our regular Sunday morning Bible study. Each Sunday we read and discuss 5 chapters of Scripture, working our way through the entire Bible. Today we started II Kings. The book starts with the sad story of Ahazia (pronounced ah-khaz-YAH, meaning "Yah has grasped"). Ahazia was sick due to a fall. Wanting to know if he would live or die, he sent messengers to ask this question of the Philistine god, Baal-zebub (pronounced bah-all-zu-VOOV, meaning "master of flies"). The Angel of God met with Elija (pronounced eh-lee-YAH, meaning "my god is Yah" or "God is Yah") and told him to confront Ahazia with this simple question:

Is there no god in Israel?

This reminds me of Jesus' often asked questions, "...have you not read..." and "...is it not written..."

The question asked by Elijah is simple, straightforward...and a VERY hard insult to the intelligence of the king. Having the Torah, the writings of Moses, and the presence of the Creator God of which to inquire, why did Ahazia send messengers to a filthy idol named after insects who live by eating rotten flesh? Having men of God locally, even Elijah, to ask, why send to a foreign land and wait? The question of life or death had to be one that burned for the ailing king, one he wanted answered right now. So doctrinally, logically, and logistically, sending his aids across the border to a filthy god of a filthy people who killed Israelites didn't make any sense.

It was just stupid. And Ahazia paid with his life for this stupid act. II Kings 1:6.

Here is my question to you:

How stupid are you to spend hard earned dollars buying the latest from the religious book store when you have the Bible right on your night stand? How stupid are you to watch hours of Rob Bell videos about the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit has written an entire book to you?

How stupid are you to trust such strangers who make money, even millions, off their books, tapes, and videos? How stupid are you to think even for a minute their hands are innocent and their motives pure when such profit is possible, and the master told us to give as freely as we received? Mattew 10:8, Mark 1:45.

Don't you realize that even the good teachers have to eat from the same plate (the Bible) as you? So why not eat it yourself? Do you prefer the saliva of a preacher? How stupid are you to eat vomitted food, when you can eat the steak, drink the wine, enjoy the cheese the very God of truth has spread before you? And how can you know a good teacher if you know Spurgeon and McLaren, but not David, Moses, and Paul?

In the gospels Jesus asked two questions aimed at insulting the religious teachers of the day, "...is it not written..." and "...have you not read..." His point was the same as that of Elijah. Just as Ahaziah ignored the true God and His prophets in favor of the disease-carrying insect god, the religious leaders of the day put as much weight on religious traditions and writings as the Scripture, often violating the Scriptures in order to obey men. As a result they were not as informed about the Scripture as they ought to be.

Thus His questions. He insulted them on purpose. Before answering the doctrinal question, He badgered them for not knowing the Bible in the first place.

I have, for some time now, considered the mess called North American Christianity. I find folks that know less and less about the Bible each passing year call themselves Christians. I have watched as more and more books and videos come out that are considered essential (until the next big religious thing, that is). "Christians" are conversant in all sorts of doctrines and all sorts of authors, but can't name the twelve disciples, the twelve tribes, the ten commandments, or any of the covenants.

So how do I confront them? How do I motivate them to study or to admit that they simply don't want to do such work?

Now, because of a simple Bible reading this morning that I wanted to skip because of a stomach flu, I know.

Practice the sufficiency of Scripture.

Scripture works,
Phil Perkins.


Stu said...

What's up Phil? Haven't heard from you for a long time now. Hope you're well.

Phil Perkins said...

Sorry this is so tardy. Thanks for asking. Everything is okay. I've just been working. I hope after June to begin blogging again or start writing a book. I, God-willing, will edit a Hebrew-English Lexicon.

The book I wish to write will be along the lines of popular lies in the "church".

Are you well?


Stu said...

Doing great Phil.. thanks. Looking forward to read your blog again. And Your book sure sounds interesting.

Editing Hebrew-English Lexicon !! Hah.. I envy you. Hopefully I'll be able to consult you on the language and interpretation issues when you start blogging again :-)